SIEBEL ADMIN Online Training Course Content

Installing a Siebel Enterprise
Installation Considerations
Installing the Siebel Gateway Name Server
Installing the Siebel Database
Installing a Siebel Server
Installing the Siebel Web Server Extension
Configuring Other Authentication Mechanisms
Installing Additional Server Components
Installing the Siebel Management Agent and Server
Installing Client Components
Installing the Siebel Developer or Mobile Web Client
Installing Siebel Tools
Additional Configuration
Configuring Multiple Servers in an Enterprise
Adding a Language to an Enterprise
Architecture and Configuration
The Siebel Architecture
Components and Parameters
Server Management
Using the Server Manager Command-Line Interface
Configuration Files
System Monitoring
System Logging and Event Notification
Gathering Diagnostic Information
Additional Configuration
Managing High-Interactivity Clients
Introducing Application Deployment Manager (ADM)
Installing and Configuring ADM
Exporting and Packaging Application Customizations
Deploying Application Customizations
Performance Considerations