SELENIUM Online Training Course Content

 Why Selenium ??
» Comparison between QTP and Selenium
» Drawbacks in both QTP and Selenium
» Advantages in both QTP and Selenium
» Evaluation of Selenium
» Different components of Selenium
» Locators and various ways to identify on web page
» Id
» Name
» Link
» Xpath
» Css
» Dom
» Selenium IDE
» Different options in Selenium IDE
» Methods
» Storing text from web page
» Assertion and Verify
» Handling windows and frames
» Writing our own functions and attaching to selenium IDE
» Working with Java script variables
» Selenium RC
» Introduction to Selenium RC
» Launching the server and different options
» Configuring selenium server
» Writing sample program and automate a scenario
» Handling windows objects using selenium
» Working with Different data sources
o Properties file
o Excel file etc
» Selenium WebDriver
» Comparison between Webdriver and RC
» Different drivers
» Chrome driver, Internet Explorer Driver, Firefox Driver etc
» Sample program and automate a scenario
» Handling alerts, frames and windows
» Selenium Grid
» What is Selenium Grid
» Master and Node Configuration
» Different options in Grid and Sample Demo
» Java and Basics:
» What is Java?
» Writing a sample program
» Setting Java class path
» What is string and string functions
» Exception Handling
» File Handling
» Constructors
» Control Structures
» Functions