SAP PM Online Training Course Content

1.1. General discussion about SAP and its importance
1.2. Organization structure
         . Company
          . Company code
          . Plant
          . Maintenance plant
          . Planning plant
1.3 SAP landscape
         . Sandbox
         . Development
         . Quality
         .  Production
1.4. SAP Architecture
         . Database
         . Application
         . Presentation


2.0. Overview of PM
          . Overview of PM in Domain industries
          . Role of PM in supply chain management
       . Over view
          . Creation of Functional location
          . Creation of Maintenance work center
          . Creation of Equipment
          . Creation of Task list.
          . Creation material
          . Creation of Equipment BOM
          . Link of material Bom to Equipment
          . Structural Display
          . Creation of serial number
          . Creation of measuring points
          . Creation of maintenance plans
          . Creation cycle set
          . Creation of Strategy
 4.  Creation of General notification
          . Processing of notification
          . Close of notification
  5. Creation of Break down Notification
          .  Processing of notification
         . Close of notification

 6.  Creation of maintenance order Integration with MM &FICO
          . Maintain settlement rule
          . Release of Order
         .  Confirmation of Order  
         .  Goods issue
         .  Technical completion
        .   Variance calculation
        .   Settlement of ORDER 
        .   Completion of order

7.  Planning Scenarios
        .  Creation of Single cycle plan, assign to task list
        .   Creation of maintenance Strategy and assign it to task list plan
        .  Multiple counter plans
 8. Maintenance Processing Execution of all the above individual plans
         . Scheduling of the plans
        . Notification Generation
        . Process notification
       .  Close of the notification
 9. Order creation from Notification
        . Release of order
        . Confirmation of order
        . Goods issue
        .  Technical completion
       .  Variance calculation
       .   Settlement of ORDER  
       .  Completion of order
       .  Completion of notification
10. Issue of Non stock material to the maintenance order.
      .Creation of material
     .Assign in operation
    .Carry out MIGO against PO generated through purchase requisition
    .Order completion
     .Cost analysis
11. Issue of stock material to the maintenance order with or without serial number.
    .Creation of material with or without serial number.
     .Assign in operation
     .Requirements in MD04
    .Run MRP and procure this stock component
    .Carry out MIGO against PO generated through purchase requisition
    .Order completion
    .Cost analysis
12. External operation OR service delivery in the maintenance order.
   .Creation of maintenance order
   .Select operation as external
   .Maintain service against Po
   .Enter the service entry sheet w.r.t PO
   .Order completion
   .Cost analysis


13. Refurbishment of Maintenance order
         .Creation of maintenance order W.r.t Material and Order type PM04
         .Maintain other operations
         . Assign other Components other than refurbishment component
         .Release and save order
          . Completion confirmation Goods movement
         . Goods receipt of Refurbishment material
        .Confirmations of each operation with Final confirmation
        .Order Completion
        .Cost analysis
14. Calibration order and PM integration with Quality management
    . Creation of MIC`s
     .  Assignment of inspection points
     .  Assignment of MIC`s
     .  Creation of calibration order
     .  Generation of inspection lot
      .  Results recording
     .  Usage decision
    . Completion of Order
 15. Process of assigning activities to the Object parts in Main equipment notification
     .Creation of tasks
     .Creation of activities
     .Creation of objects
     .Creation coding
   .Creation of catalogue profile
   . Maintain in Equipment
   . Carry out task to the object parts
  . Closing of individual and main notification
16. Factory calendar creation
   .Creation of public holidays
   .Creation holiday calendar
   . Creation of Factory calendar
   . Assignment of Factory calendar in Plant
17. Information system
     .Cost analysis
     .Cogi errors
18. Configuration
     .Basic steps
     .Maintenance of planning plant
     .Assignment of planning plant to maintenance plant
     .Overall steps to be configured with respect To PDF
19. SAP Project Implementation
     .ASAP Methodology
20. Support process for SAP in Real time
     . Priority of tickets
     . Acknowledge