SAP ESS MSS Online Training Course Content

SAP Employee & Manager Self Service

1. Navigation in the Enterprise Portal and Business Packages
Introduction to the Enterprise Portal
• Portal Content – Business Packages

2. ESS Services in the BP for ESS
What is ESS used for?
• Overview of the ESS Services in the Enterprise Portal
• Selected ESS Services in the Enterprise Portal
• Different ESS Releases in the Enterprise Portal

3. Setting up the Enterprise Portal
System Structure
• Roles in the ERP System
• Roles and Objects in the EP

4. User Management
User administration in ERP
• User Administration in the Enterprise Portal

5. Customizing ESS Applications
Homepage Framework Customizing
• Customizing Who’s Who Application
• Customizing Applications for Time Management
• Career and Job

6. Team Viewer
Object and Data Provider
• Principles of the Team Viewer
• Customizing the team Viewer

7. Employee Information
Using the employee information Pages
• Modifying the Employee Information Pages
• Example Business Scenarios

8. Attendance Overview and Team Calendar
Attendance Overview
• Team Calendar

9. Personnel Change Requests
PCR Overview
• PCR Concept
• Interactive Adobe Forms
• PCR Customizing
• ISR Customizing for PCR
• Workflow Connection
• PCR Status Tracking
• Alternatively: PCRs using HCM Processes and Forms

10. Reporting
Reporting concept
• MDT and MSS
• Reporting Customzing

11. Enterprise Compensation Management
Compensation Planning
• Using the Team Viewer in the Compensation workset
• Overview of iViews in Compensation Planning

12. Performance Management, Competency Management and Reminder of dates
Performance Management
• Competency Management
• Reminder of Dates

13. Quota Planning
Quota Planning – Process
• Quota Planning
• Transferring Headcount
• Customizing for Quota Planning
• Follow-Up Activities

14. Cross Application Time Sheet
Approving Working Times Recorded in CATS
• Customizing the Approval Process