SAP SECURITY MODULES Online Training Course Content

1 SAP R/3 Security

2.     BW/BI Security

1.1      Overview of SAP

2.1     Architecture and strategies for a BI    

1.2      Overview of SAP BASIS

           authorization concept

1.3      Introduction to SAP Security

2.2     Security requirements in SAP BI

1.3.1      Why we need security

2.3     Standard roles and templates for the 

1.3.2      What needs to be protected

           authorization concept

1.3.3      From whom we need to protect

2.4     Creating BW/BI roles and modification

1.3.4      Implementation methodology

2.5      Difference between BW and R/3 security

1.4      User administration

2.6      Difference between BW and BI Security

1.4.1       Single user administration

2.7      Different authorization objects involved 

1.4.2       Mass User administration

            in  BW/BI

1.4.3       LSMW Script running

2.8      Analysis authorization concept and 

1.5      Introduction of CUA (Central User administration)


1.5.1       CUA Configuration for different landscapes

2.9      Troubleshooting BW/BI issues

1.5.2       Performing user administration activities in CUA

1.5.3       Distributing User/IDOCS and troubleshooting issues

3 HR Security

1.6      User Groups Concept

3.1      Introduction to HR security

1.7      Role Administration and authorizations concept

3.2      Personal administration and 

1.7.1       Overview of authorizations and roles

            Organizational management

1.7.2       Change management process

3.3      HR General and Structural authorizations

1.7.3       Creating custom authorization objects

3.4      HR authorization objects and info types

1.7.4       SAP Role types

3.5      Troubleshooting HR issues

1.7.5       Working with Profile Generator

1.7.6       Creating and modifying different roles

4 GRC (Governance, Risks and Compliances 5.3

1.8      Authorization Group Concept

4.1      Introduction to GRC

1.9      Missing authorization

4.2      Sarbanes Oxley Rules (SOX)

1.10    Tracing the user for missing authorization.

4.3      In depth discussion  of GRC 

1.11    Working with R/3 tables, parameters and Reports


1.12    SAP Security Audit

4.3.1        Compliance User Provisioning (CUP)

4.3.2         Risk Analysis and Remediation (RAR)

4.3.3         Enterprise Role management (ERM)

4.3.4         Super User Privilege Management 


4.4      Working with functions, Risks and

            Mitigation Controls

4.5       Introduction to GRC 10.