SAP BASIS ADMIN Online Training Course Content

Introduction to the R/3(NW AS) Basis System
Architecture/System landscape.
R/3 /WAS/ Netweaver AS Client/Server Architecture.
Instance Concept
Central and Distributed Instances.
Work Process Overview.
Interaction between Work Processes.
Application Services.
Data Structure of SAP.
Client Concept
System Landscapes.
Oracle Directory Structure.
R/3 Directory Structure

Installation & Configuration of NW ABAP( ECC)
Installation Checks.
Preparing for the Installation of SAP ERP Central
Installation of SAP License
Post Installation Steps.

SAP Profiles
Different SAP Profiles.
Editing Profiles.
Creating New Profile Versions.
Imp Profile parameters

Starting and Stopping the R/3 System
Starting the R/3 System.
Stoping R/3 system.
Command Prompt Start and Start.
Configuring the SAPLOGON.
Log and trace
Group Selection.
Troubleshoting Startup.

User Administration
Displaying and Creating Users.
Copying, Deleting, and Changing Users.
Authorization Profile.
User Overview SM04.

Types of users
Authorization Concept
Authorization Check
Authorization Objects
Maintaning Authorizations
Role and Profiles

Operation Modes
The Function of Operation Modes.
Redistributing Work Processes for Operation Modes.
Checking Operation Mode Changeovers.

SPOOL Administration
The Spool Work Process.
Creating a New Printer.
Changing a Printer.
Access Methods in the R/3 System.
Spool Request Administration.

Background Jobs Administration
Scheduling Background Jobs.
Start Conditions of a Job
Status of a Job
Executing Programs as Job Steps
Checking Background Jobs.
Canceling, Changing, and Deleting Background Jobs.

DB Administration
Using DB Calendar
Scheduling Backups.
Checking Backups.
Database Consistency Check.
All DB Administration Tasks

CTS & Transport System
Types of Adaptation
Setting up an R/3 Transport Landscape
Configuring Transport Routes
Transport Process
Performing and Checking Transports

Client Administration
Creating and deleting a client
Local Client Copy
Remote Client Copy
Transporting a client
Client Change Options

Monitoring Concept and Alert Monitor
Monitoring Architecture Terminology
The Alert Monitor (RZ20)
Monitoring: R/3 Servers and Instances
Monitoring: R/3 Users
Monitoring: Workload Analysis
Monitoring: Buffers
Database Monitoring

Setting Up Remote Connections
Fundamentals and Types of RFC
Setting Up RFC Connections

Support Packages
Importing Support Packages
Updating the Tools
Importing SAP Notes

SAP Memory Management
Memory Areas
SAP Memory Allocation
Implementation of SAP Extended Memory

SAP Table Buffering
Introduction to Table Buffering in SAP Systems
Analyzing Table Buffering