SAP ABAP HR Online Training Course Content

 Human Resource Essentials  

Basic Payroll 

->Components of HR Module 

->Entering payroll data 

->How HR is different from Other Module 

->Organizing a live payroll run 

->HR Technical Overview 

->Payroll process 

->Functional Overview 

->Payroll reports 

->Personnel Administration 

->Practice Session - 2 

->Organizational Management 


Payroll Programming 

->Time Management 

->Payroll Cluster 


->Payroll Programming using clusters 

->Practice Session - 3 

HR programming 

->Logical database PNP 


->Structure Of Database Tables in PA 

->General authorization checks 


->Time constraint Class 


->Data retrivel 

->Reporting methods 

->Repetive Structure and List Display 

->Payroll and time management infotypes 

->Logical database PCH And PAP 

->Structure of DB Tables in PCH and PAP 

Final Evaluation 

->Data Retrivel using LDBs and Macros 

->Modularization techniques 

->Practice Session - 1 

->Performance tuning 

->Requirement Analysis & debugging 

Custom Infotype creation and enhancements 

->Customer Infotype 

->Infotype Enhancements 

->Screen modifications - Module pool programming 

->Data Model in HR 
->Important Table In HR