Oracle SOA Online Training Course Content

W/S, WSDL,SOAP       

Intro to SCA - Architecture
    . Logical
    . Physical
Intro to MDS (Mata Data Store)
Intro to Dehyderation Store

BPEL (Business Process Execution Language)
   *  Language Structure
         .  Partnerlinks
         .  Process
         .  scope, compensation block
         .  variables
         .  Sequence
         .  Activities
    *   SCA with Simple BPEL with request reply activities
    *   SCA with BPEL and reference
    *   Using assign activity
    *   Expressions
    *   Swithch/Case
    *   Looping
    *   Difference b/w Sync and Async BPEL

    *   Fault Handling
           .  Fault types 
           .  BPEL System faults
           .  Creating and raising custom fault
           .  Creating fault in WSDL
           .  Catch all and catch specific fault
           .  Fault policy
                .  Human intervention action
                .  Retry action
                .  and introduction to Java actionand other remaining actions
           .  Fault binding
                .  Composite and component level
           .  Fault handling in Sync BPEL
           .  Fault handling in Async BPEL
           .  Industry Best practices

     *   Correlation
     *   Dynamic Partner link
     *   Parallel processing
     *   Working with preference properties
     *   Transaction Management
         .  Introduction 2-phase commit. 
            XA (Global Transaction)
         .  Transactions in Sync BPEL / invokes
         .  Transactions in Async BPEL / invokes
         .  Transaction controlling properties
         .  Check point
         .  Roll back fault
         .  Industry best practices

     *   Compensation
         . Why compensation
         . How to compensate
         .Compensation block of scope
         .Compensating scope
         .Industry best practices

     *   Pick activity
         .  Pick
         .  On message
         .  On timer (SLA implementation)
         .  wait activity

     *   Working with email notifications
         . congifuguring email server
         . working with email notification activity

     *   Introduction to Adapters (JCA architecture)
     *   DB Adapter
         .  Introduction to DB adater
         .  Configuring Data source
         .  What is multi data source
         .  Configuring DBAdapter connection factory
         .  Performing CRUD (Create Read Update and Delete) on table
         .  Calling stored procedure
         .  Introduction to Wrapper packages
         .  Polling
              .  Delete and logical delete strategy
              .  Debatching
              .  fine tuning polling configuration
                   . Transaction management
                   .Tuning polling interval
         .  DB Adapter best practices
         .  Execute plain SQL statement
     *   Oracle Apps Adapter
         . Introduction to Apps adapter
         .Configuring Apps Adapter - CF
         .Introduction to Business events
         .Using business events
         .Introduction to XML Gateway
     *   JMS Adapter
         .  Introduction to JMS
         .  Configuring JMS Adapter
               .  Configuring persistent store
               .  Configuring JMS server
               .  Configure JMS Module
               .  Configure JMS Q CF
               .  Configure JmS Q
               .  Configure JMS topic
               .  Configuring JMSAdapter CF
         .  Introduction to JMS operations
         .  Publishing a message to JMS Q
         .  Consuming a message from JMS Q
         .  Introduction to Opaque Schema
     *   Introduction to AQ and MQ
     *   File Adapter
         .Introduction to file adapter
         .Native Schema
              .CSV (Comma seperated value)
              .Fixed length
              . Introduction to cobol copy book
         . Physical Directory & Logical directory
         .Writing to a file
         .Dynamic file name
         .Reading from a file
         . De batching
     *  Introduction to FTP

     *  Human Workflow
        . Introduction to HW
        .Configuring users and groups
        .Introduction to worklist app
        . Create simple Human approval task
        . Generate ADF screens for Human task
        . Deploying ADF application (Human Task)
        . Working with HT (Approve/reject and etc.,) 

     *  Signal Concept in BPEL
        .  Understanding Master & worker BPEL processes
        .  Sending signal from Master BPEL
        .  Receiving signal in worker BPEL
        .  Sending signal from worker BPEL
        .  Receiving signal in master BPEL
        .  Best practices

     *  Mediator
        . Introduction to mediator
        .Working with routing rule
        . Working with filter condition

     *  Business Rules
        .  Introduction to business rules
        .  Working with Facts
        .  Working with Rules and rule sets
        .  Introduction to decission table
        .  BPEL to invoke BR
        .  Working with BR run time (SOA composer)
     *  EDN (Event Driven Network Model)
        .  Introduction to EDN
        .  Defining events
        .  Rasing event from Mediator
        .  Rasing event from BPEL
        .  Receiving event from BPEL
        .  Receiving event from Mediator

    *   Sensors
        .  Introduction to sensors
        .  Sensors at composite level
        .  Creating BPEL activity sensor
        .  Creating BPEL variable sensor
        .  Creating BPEL JMS sensor action
        .  Introduction to other sensor actions
        .  Industry best practices

    *   BAM (Business Activity Monitoring)
        .  Introduction to BAM
        .  Configuring BAM Adapter
        .  Using BAM console
            .Using Architect console to create BAM               
            .Using report console to create BAM               
            .Using active viewer console to view               
              BAM Report
            .Using BAM adapter in BPEL to populate               
              BAM objects
            . Introduction / configure BAM message               
            . Industry best practices

    * SOA Reference Architecture