Oracle Order Management Online Training Course Content

Overview of Oracle Order Management

  • Overview of Oracle Order Management
  • Order to Cash Lifecycle

Order Entities and Order Flows

  • Creating Order to Cash Lifecycle with Standard
  • Sales Agreements
  • Perform Customer Acceptance

Multiple Organization Access Control Setup

  • Understanding Organization Structure in Oracle Applications

Oracle Inventory Setup for Oracle Order Management

  • Structure of an Inventory Organization
  • Defining Units of Measure
  • Item Master Organization
  • Defining Item Attributes
  • Creating Available to Promise

Oracle Receivables Setup for Oracle Order Management

  • Defining Customer Information
  • Invoicing and Accounting Rules
  • Defining Sales Representatives
  • Defining Credit Checking

Oracle Order Management Setup Steps

  • Order Management Setup Steps
  • Creating and Customizing Sales Orders
  • Setting up Processing Constraints
  • Scheduling Sales Orders
  • Credit Usage Rule

Holds, Order Purge, and Exception Management Setup

  • Defining Holds
  • Creating Purge Sets and Setting Exception Management

Basic Pricing Setup

  • Pricing Process and Basic Pricing Concepts
  • Creating Price Lists
  • Maintaining Price Lists
  • Creating Modifiers
  • Creating Modifiers using Qualifiers
  • Applying Freight and Special Charges Modifier
  • Creating and using Price Books

Overview of Shipping Execution

  • Shipping Execution Flow
  • Shipping Processes and Reports
  • Shipping Integration with Oracle

Shipping Execution Setup

    • Defining Roles And Users Access
    • Defining Freight Carriers
    • Defining Shipping Execution Documents
    • Listing the Shipping Exceptions
    • Defining Pick Release Rules
    • Ship Confirm Rules
    • Shipping Parameters