Introducing Web Services

  • Distributed Computing Challenges
  • What are Web Services and its Architecture
  • Identify Web Services Building Blocks
  • Describe Web Services Standards
  • Describe Web Services and SOA

Java Web Services Technologies

  • Java for Web Services
  • Describe development approaches available
  • Java API's for WS
  • WLS and Web Services
  • Introduce development tools

Exploring SOAP and WSDL

  • Introduction to WSDL and SOAP
  • SOAP Basics
  • SOAP Attachments
  • SOAP Faults
  • WSDL and Web Services
  • WSDL Structure

Implementing JAX-WS Web Services

  • Features of JAX-WS
  • JAX-WS runtime
  • Creating POJO based web services
  • Creating WS from EJBs
  • Working with XML directly
  • Creating WS from WSDL

Implementing JAX-WS Clients

  • Describe Client side programming model
  • Identify Web Service client types
  • Invoking Web Services from Java
  • Describe Asynchronous web services

Packaging, Deploying and Managing Web Services

  • Deployment concepts
  • Packing, deploying and managing Web Services

Fault and Exception handing in JAX-WS

  • Fault concepts
  • Modeling Faults in Java
  • Unmodelled faults
  • Working with faults in Java

Web Services Security

  • Web Service Security Overview
  • WS-Policy concepts
  • Web Services security stack
  • WebLogic Server security features
  • Using annotations to create security


Using Handlers in JAX-WS

  • Handler concepts and uses
  • Understand the handler framework
  • Writing and deploying handlers
  • Implementing client side handlers

Enabling MTOM (Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism) on JAX-WS

  • SOAP attachments and MTOM
  • MTOM Challenges
  • Enabling MTOM on services
  • MTOM and clients

JAX_WS Custom Bindings

  • Understand Custom binding concepts
  • When to use custom bindings
  • Overview of JAXB
  • Schema to Java mapping customization
  • Java to Schema mapping customization

Implementing JAX-RPC web services

  • Describe the differences of JAX-WS and JAX-RPC
  • Describe data binding in JAX-RPC
  • Implementing, packaging and deploying JAX-RPC services
  • Implement JAX-RPC clients

Web Service Reliable Messaging

  • Describe Reliable messaging and Quality of Service concepts
  • Describe Reliable messaging model
  • Understand WLS support for reliable messaging
  • Creating reliable messaging policy
  • Invoking web services reliably

Conversational Web Services

  • Understanding Conversational Web Service Concepts
  • Developing Conversational Web Services
  • Invoking conversational web services

Developing Database Web Services

  • Understanding Database Web Service Concepts
  • Type mapping in Database Web Services
  • Creating, and deploying database web services

Web Services best practices

  • Designing Web Services for interoperability
  • Designing Reusable Web Services
  • Defining fault/exceptions
  • Develop Web Services for scalability

Web Services and SOA

  • Introducing SOA Stack
  • The position of WS in the SOA stack
  • Introducing Oracle SOA Suite
  • Introducing ADF Web Services