Oracle Demantra Online Training Course Content

Demantra Overview


Demantra overview


Demantra applications


Integration details


Demantra features


Demantra glossary



Demantra Demand Management Component Capabilities


Demand Management & AFDM Capability


Demand Management Process flow



Collaborator Workbench and Worksheet Implementation


CWB workoverview






Editing, Saving and Retrieving Data




Audit Trial


Layout Designer


Creating Worksheets



Advanced Worksheets




Embedded Worksheets


Open and Open with context



Demantra Levels, Hierarchies and Dimensions




Level overview


Level types


Level hierarchy


Level Editor


Hierarchy Configuration



Demantra Series


Understanding Series


Series Data


Aggregation and Disaggregation


Series features and functionalities


Configure Series



Demantra Security Model




User creation and access


User group


Feature Security



Key Demantra Database Objects & Workflows


Key Tables overview


Key Database objects overview


Demantra workflow manager


Workflow steps and groups workflow creation and execution



Demantra New Product Introduction


NPI overview


Member Management


Chaining Management



Overview of Analytical engine, data model and integration


Data model Wizard


Intergration interface wizard


Integration overview


Analytical Engine


Simulation Engine


System Parameters



ASCP Overview, ASCP Collections



Demantra Integration with EBS, Demantra Collections



Demantra S&OP and PTP Overview