Oracle Apps Techno Functional Online Training Course Content

-->1Introduction - Oracle Apps Technical
-->2  What is ERP ? , comparasion of Oracle Apps with other ERPS
-->3  Types of Roles , Types of projects, AIM documents
-->4  Oracle Apps file structure, database structure and 3-tier architecture
Application Object Library
-->5  Levels of Oracle Applications, Creating users, WHO columns, Creating responsibilities
-->6  Menu construction, Defining concurrent program
-->7  Concurrent program with parameters, Creating Value sets, incompatabilities
-->8  Scheduling concurrent program, Creating request group, Creating request set
-->9  Concurrent program creation using API
   Module Overviews
-->10  Inventory Module flow with base tables
-->11  Accounts Payable module flow with base tables
-->12  Accounts Receivable module flow with base tables
-->13  Order Management module flow with base tables
-->14  Report development process, Report registration process
-->15  Bind parameters, lexical parameters, reports with value set, Building report manually
-->16  Using repeating frames, Summary columns , Standard report customization
-->17  Introduction to Interfaces, working with Out Bound Interfaces, using UTL_FILE package
-->18  Inbound Interface process, Working with SQL*Loader tool
-->19  Different option in SQL *Loader tool, bad file, discard file
-->20  Using Interface table approach
-->21  Using API Approach
-->22  Introduction to conversions, Creation of staging table
-->23  Develoing the validation package, Explaining the real time project code.
-->24  Completing the conversion task, Differences between Inbound interfaces and Conversions
-->25  Form development process using TEMPLATE.FMB , Form registration process
-->26  Form personalization
-->27  Using Custom.pll
-->28  Workflow Introduction, Workflow development process, running the workflow
-->29  Sending notifications, branching the workflow using resultout variable
-->30  Introduction to XML publisher, Report development process
-->31  Creating reports for multiple rows, Creating Data definitions, Creating templates