ORACLE APPS DBA Online Training Course Content

Introduction to ERP:
Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Proprietary ERP Software, Origin of ERP,
Advantages of ERP.

Introduction to Oracle E-Business Suite:
Introduction to Oracle E-Business Suite as an ERP Solution, Components / Product-Lines, How Oracle
Applications Works?And related Terminology.

Oracle Applications Architecture & File System:
Three Tier Architecture of Oracle Applications, Database Tier, Application Tier, Desktop (Client) Tier,
Fundamental, Advanced Architecture examples and Best practices. Oracle Applications 11i and R12
File system Overview, Detailed Directory Structure and significance of various files and directories,
EBS Data Model, Various Applications Modules and their classification, Oracle EBS Database

Managing Oracle Applications Services:
Setting the Oracle Applications Environment, Various methods to start and stop Applications and
Database Services, Best Practices.

Installation of Oracle E-Business Suite 11i/R12:
Systematic approach for Installation of Oracle Applications 11i & R12 (Single Node & Multi Node),
Certification Matrix, Different Options of Rapidwiz, Performing Pre & Post Installation Steps & Health

Managing Oracle Applications Configuration:
The Applications and Database Context Files, Using Autoconfig to Manage Oracle Applications
Configuration, Troubleshooting Configuration &Autoconfig related Issues, Various configuration files
and their significance, Autoconfig Internals.

AD Utilities:
AD Administration, AD Splicer, Auto Patch, AD Controller, AD Merge Patch, AD Relink, AD License
Manager, AD Identification, AD Configuration etc

Patching Oracle Applications:
Introduction to AUTOPATCH, Types of Applications Patches, and Detailed explanation of Patching
Procedure, Patching Modes, Reducing Patching Downtime, and Troubleshooting Patching related
Issues, Merging Patches, and Patching Options etc

Concurrent Requests, Programs, And Processes, Different Concurrent Managers and Their
Significance, The Phase and Status of Concurrent Request, the CONCSUB Utility, Dealing with
Workshifts and Custom Concurrent Managers, Troubleshooting Concurrent Processing related Issues,
PCP (Parallel Concurrent Processing). Dealing with User Creation, Responsibilities, Data Groups,
Request Groups, Printer Configuration, Workflow Notification mailer, Profile Options etc
Detailed explanation on OAM, Its features, Usage etc

Various options for Cloning Oracle Applications, OraInventory, Rapid Clone ( Cloning with Cold & Hot
Backups), Advanced Cloning Options ( Multi to Single, Single to Multi, Multi to Multi etc),
Troubleshooting Cloning, Post Cloning Steps and Target Health Checks etc

Troubleshooting & Performance Tuning:
Apache, Jserv, OC4J, Forms & Concurrent Processing Troubleshooting. Proactive Performance
Management of Oracle Applications, Different Performance Issues and the solutions, Tracing etc

Upgrading Oracle Applications Database from 9i to 10g to 11g, Upgrading to, Upgrading
Oracle Applications from 11i to R12

High Availability & Advanced Topologies:
Introduction to various options for Oracle Applications High Availability and their Architectures,
Detailed Explanation on Shared APPL TOP, Shared Application Tier, Distributed AD, PCP and Load
Balancing, 11i/R12 with RAC, SSL Configuration, SSO & OID Integration, DMZ, RAC Basics etc

FNDLOAD, FNDCPASS, E-Business Suite Security, Custom TOP Creation, OBIEE, Introduction to Various
other Oracle Products & Technologies, OPatchetc

Career Focus Week:
Once the Technical Training is completed, Career Focus Week starts which includes Apps DBA Virtual
Office, Mock Interviews, Discussion of more than 300+ Interview Questions, Resume Preparation, Soft
Skills Classes, Tips and Tricks for facing Technical & Non-Technical Rounds