Oracle Access Manager 11g Administration Online Training Course Content


  • Overview of course objectives
  • Division of lessons per day
  • Overview of lab environment

Introduction to Oracle Access Manager

  • Explaining the salient features of Oracle Access Manager
  • Explaining the key products that comprise Oracle Access Management suite
  • Explaining the functional areas for each of the Oracle Access Management products
  • Understanding the Oracle Access Manager overall architecture
  • Explaining the Oracle Access Manager runtime architecture
  • Understanding Oracle Access Manager request flow diagram
  • Identifying key Oracle Access Manager 11g new features
  • Mapping Oracle Access Manager 10g and 11g terminologies

Installing and Configuring

  • Basic concepts of Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Key definitions and terminologies
  • Prerequisites for installing Oracle Access Manager
  • Installing Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS)
  • Configuring seeded database schemas by using Repository Creation Utility
  • Installing and configuring Oracle Access Manager
  • Performing post-installation validation checks
  • Performing an uninstallation

System Configuration: Servers, Data Sources and Agents

  • Managing Servers using OAM Administration (Admin) Console and Oracle Web Logic Server (WLS) Admin Console
  • Managing data sources
  • Registering and managing agents using OAM Admin Console
  • Registering agents remotely
  • Securing Communication between WebGate and OAM Server

Policy Configuration: Shared Components and Application Domains

  • Managing shared components
  • Configuring application domains

Single Sign-On and Session Management

  • Oracle Access Manager single sign-on and single logout
  • The session life cycle
  • Session caching
  • Configuring single sign-on and single logout
  • Customizing the login and logout pages
  • Configuring session management and manage sessions
  • Configuring Windows native authentication

Using Oracle Access Manager WithWebLogic Applications

  • Scenarios in which Oracle Access Manager protects WebLogic applications
  • Configuring a WebLogic identity assertion provider
  • The WebLogic OAM authenticator

Auditing and Logging

  • Differentiating among auditing and logging
  • Describing the Fusion Middleware Audit Framework
  • Describing audit output options
  • Configuring audit settings
  • Describing audited events and data recorded when an audited event occurs
  • Generating audit reports
  • Configuring logging settings
  • Locating and examining logging output Locating log files from other servers in an Oracle Access Manager deployment

Upgrading Oracle Single Sign On 10g to Oracle Access Manager 11g

  • OAM upgrade overview
  • Upgrade Step 1: Configuring a User Store
  • Upgrade Step 2: Creating a Policy Domain
  • Upgrade Step 3: Migrating Partners
  • Retain and Change Port options
  • Upgrading OSSO 10g associated with Oracle Portal
  • Verifying successful upgrades
  • Scenarios not upgraded to OAM 11g

Troubleshooting and Management

  • Access Tester
  • Identifying connectivity issues between agents and servers
  • OAM-specific WLST commands
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control

Horizontal Migration

  • OAM horizontal migration overview
  • Policy migration
  • Partner migration
  • Horizontal migration use cases

High Availability

    • High availability goals
    • Mitigating potential points of failure in an OAM deployment
    • Providing high availability for OAM sessions and configuration data stored in XML files
    • Backing up and restore OAM