Storage Area Network(SAN) Online Training Course Content

SNIA Basis
State the advantages, features, and functions of a storage system

    1. Identify the key features of NetApp® product series
    2. Distinguish between SAN and NAS topologies
    3. Describe the basic functions of the Data ONTAP operating system
    4. Basic Architecture.
    5. Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)
    6. Command Line Interfaces (CLI)


    1. Aggregates and volume concepts in Data ONTAP
    2. Define and create a traditional and a flexible volume
    3. Define Flexclone volume
    4. Execute vol and qtree commands

NAS Implementation

    1. NFS setup
    2. NFS troubleshooting
    3. Exporting And Mounting a file system
    4. CIFS Environment and Setup.
    5. Configure the storage system to participate in the Common Internet File System (CIFS) environment
    6. Share a resource on the storage system
    7. Map a drive from a client to the shared resource on the storage system
    8. CIFS troubleshooting

SAN Implementation

    1. Identify the supported configurations for a SAN
    2. Distinguish between Fibre Channel and iSCSI protocols
    3. Access and manage a LUN from a Windows host
    4. Use the lun setupcommand and FilerView to create iSCSI LUNs


    1. Describe the function of Snapshot copies
    2. Articulate the benefits of Snapshot copiesi.e Snap Restore


    1. Describe NDMP concepts and models
    2. Enable and configure NDMP on storage systems
    3. Describe NDMP concepts and models
    4. Enable and configure NDMP on storage systems
    5. Snapvault best practices
    6. Snapmirror best practices
    7. Active-Active Controller
    8. Clustering

Other concepts

      • Define and create virtual interfaces (vifs)
      • Discuss the operation and method for routing in VLANs
      • Identify the configuration of network settings and components in Data ONTAP
      • Vfilers