LINUX Admin Online Training Course Content

Linux Usage Basics

Logging In, Managing your password, Root User, Becoming a Super User

Understanding Shell

Different Shells, Shell Usage, Where does shell fit in, Variables, profiles and More.

Running Commands and Getting Help

Getting around File systems

File System Hierarchy, Directories, Files, Absolute and Relative Paths, Finding Files and Directories

Understanding and Managing Users and groups

Commands to list users and groups, passwd, shadow and group files, Naming Information Services.

Understanding File and Directories in detail

Permissions, File Owner, Group, Special Permissions, Access/Modify and Create Time

Understanding File System Structure

Listing  file systems, understanding partitions, Understanding file system components inodes, superblock etc

Basic System Configuration

vi Editor

Standard IO and pipes

Understanding and Managing Processes

Starting, Listing and Killing Processes, background and foreground processes, PID, PPID and More.

Understanding Networking and Network Applications

IP Addresses, Network connectivity, Network applications -telnet, ftp, ssh, etc...

Understanding Package Basics
rpm listing




  1. Boot Process -Starting the Linux Operating System

BIOS, GRUB Boot Loader, Kernel Initialization, First process and /etc/inittab, Run Levels, Controlling Services

  1. Linux File System Administration


Partitioning Hard Disks, Managing FileSystems, FileSystem Management and Automounter, Access Control List

  1. Package Management Red hat


Package Manager, Understanding RPM and RPM commands, managing packages using Centralised Repos.

  1. User Administration


User Account Management, Basic User Environment, Shell Profiles, Disk Quotas, Groups, PAM, Network Authentication -NIS and LDAP

  1. System Administration Tools


Network Configuration, Cron and at, System Logs

  1. Advanced Partitioning


Software RAID, Logical Volume Management

  1. Linux Installation


Installation of Linux OS, Understanding the requirement.










  1. Apache and Squid

Apache Web Server, Access Configuration, Virtual Hosts, Squid Web Proxy Server

  1. Network File Sharing Services


Configuring NFS Server, Client Side NFS, FTP, Samba Services

  1. Domain Name Services


Understanding DNS, BIND, Utilities

  1. Naming Information Services


Understanding NIS, NIS Server and Client

  1. Other Networking Services


Internet Services Daemon, SSH, DHCP, NTP

  1. Securing Services


tcp_wrappers, Firewalls.

  1. Linux Kernel Limits


Semaphores, shared memory, open files etc.