TIBCO Spotfire Online Training Course Content

TIBCO Spotfire Introduction:

  1. TIBCO Spotfire Basics
  2. TIBCO Spotfire Visualizations
  3. Performing Data Filtering
  4. Learning More Through Data Drill­Down
  5. The underlying data and expected format of a data table
  6. Information links related to Data Loading

TIBCO Spotfire Visualizations

  1. Properties of Tables
  2. Coloring
  3. Interpreting Bar Charts
  4. Trellis Visualizations Properties of Bar Charts
  5. Properties of Line Charts
  6. Interpreting Line Charts
  7. Combination Chart Introduction
  8. Combination Chart Properties


  1. Filter Types
  2. Filtering Display Options
  3. Organizing Filters
  4. Defining Filtering Schemes

TIBCO Sportfire Highlighting Items

  1. Marking Data
  2. Details­ On ­Demand
  3. Multiple Markings

Scatter Plots

  1. Scatter Plot Introduction, overview and Properties
  2. Using Scatter Plots
  3. 3D Scatter Plots
  4. 3D Scatter Plot Introduction
  5. 3D Scatter Plot Properties
  6. Using 3D Scatter Plots

PIE Charts

  1. PIE Chart Introduction
  2. PIE Chart Overview
  3. PIE Chart Properties
  4. Using PIE Charts

Different types of Spotfire Tables:

  1. Summary Tables
  2. Cross Tables
  3. Graphical Tables

Overview of Maps and Plots in Spotfire:

  1. Tree Maps
  2. Heat Maps
  3. Parallel Coordinate Plot
  4. Box Plots

Text Areas in TIBCO Spotfire:

  1. Coloring and their features
  2. Calculate and Replace Column
  3. Handling Multiple Data Tables

Relating Across Visualizations:

  1. Filtering Options
  2. Book Marks
  3. Deriving More Information from Raw Data
  4. Applications of Custom Expressions
  5. Node Navigation Methods
  6. AS statement
  7. Limiting Data in Visualizations
  8. Column, Data Table Document Properties
  9. Lines and Curves

TIBCO Spotfire Statistical Tools:

    • Information Links
    • General Workflow for using information designer
    • Loading Data on Demand
    • Pages
    • Filters and Filtering Schemes
    • Creating Links to Websites