ASP.NET Online Training Course Content

· Basic of HTML and JavaScript
· Introduction to ASP
o ASP Architecture
o ASP Objects
o Request and Response Structure
o Forms and Querystring
· Overview
o ASP.NET Architecture
o Virtual WebServer
o New Features over ASP and ASP.NET 1.1
oEvent Handling
· Web Forms
o Introduction
o Advantages
o Comparison with HTML Form
o Page Processing States
o Event Model
o View State Management
oCross-Page Postback
· Using Web Controls
o HTML Server Controls
o Standard ASP.NET Sever Controls
oBasic Controls
o Validation Controls
o Web User Controls
· Master Pages &UserControl
oURL Rebasing in a Master Page
oAccessing a Master Page from Code
oNesting Master Pages
oMaster and Content Pages
· Applying Themes and Styles to Controls
oWorking with CSS





· ASP.NET State Management
o Static / Shared Members
oViewState Object
o Cookies
o Session Management
o Application State
o HttpContext
· ASP Intrinsic Objects
o Request and Response
o Session Objects
o Application Objects
o Server and Context
· ASP.NET Web Application
o Creating Virtual Directories
oGlobal.asax& Managing Application Events
oHttpApplication Instance
o HTTP Handlers and creating Custom Handler
oURL Redirection
· Data Access Controls
o Data Binding Server Controls
oSqlDataSource, ObjectDataSource
oDetailsView and FormView
oData List and Repeater

o Overview
o Page Output Caching
o Page Fragment Caching
o Data Caching
oSQL Cache Invalidation
Notification-based Invalidation
Polling-based Invalidation
o Expiration Policies and Cache Dependencies
· Configuration
o Configuration Overview
oMachine.Config and Web.Config
o Inheritance of Configuration Settings
o Configuration File Format
o URL Rewriting - (Programmatically and using config
o Custom Error Handling.
· Trace Functionality
o Overview of Tracing
o Trace Information
o Page-Level Trace
o Application-Level Trace
· Security
o Authentication & Authorization
o Windows Based Authentication
o Form Based Authentication
o Authorizing Users and Roles
o Impersonation
oWebpart Controls
oEditing Webparts
oWorking with AJAX Pro
o Using AJAX.NET Controls
 Accordion
 Calendar
 CascadingDropDown
 CollapsiblePanel
 FilteredTextBox
 NumericUpDown
 ModalPopup
 PopupControl
· Web Services
o Architecture and Advantage.
o SOAP Significance.
o Building Services & Hosting Services
o Using WSDL to Build Proxy for clients
o Setting up a 3-Tier Application using Web