VMware Online Training Course Content

Module 1: Course Introduction
Module 2: Introduction to VMware virtualization

  1. Discussion of virtualization and vSphere components

Module 3: VMware Workstation

  1. Installation of VMware Workstation
  2. Creation of VMs and Settings of VMs
  3. Installation of different Guest OS’s
  4. Installing VMware Tools
  5. Cloning
  6. Snapshots

Module 4: Configuring ESX/ESXi

  1. Installing ESXi and ESX
  2. Configuring ESXi and ESX
  3. Connecting to ESXi using Vsphere Client, Putty and Web Access

Module 5:  Installing and Configuring VMware vCenter Server

  1. Install and configure vCenter Server
  2. vCenter Server Installer
  3. Creating and Managing vCenter Server Inventory
  4. Use the VMware vSphere Client to manage vCenter Server Inventory hierarchies
  5. Adding and Creating Inventory Objects


Module 6:   Installing and Configurationing vCenter Update Manager

  1. Installing vCenter Update Manager
  2. Installing the vCenter Update Manager Plug-In
  3. Configuring vCenter Server Update Manager
  4. Patching using vCenter Update Manager

Module 7: vNetworking

  1. Discussing about vNetwork Components
  2. Configuration of vNetwork standard and distributed switches, network connections and port groups
  3. Configuring NIC Teaming

Module 8: Storage

  1. Storage management technologies
  2. Installation of Open Filer
  3. Configuration of Open Filer
  4. Mapping LUNs to Hosts

Module 9: Virtual Machine Management

  1. Creating Templates
  2. Deploying  virtual  machines  using  templates
  3. VMware vCenter Converter and Guided consolidation
  4. Migrating virtual machines
  5. VMware File Extensions

Module 10: Managing Resource Allocation

  1. Allocating VM Resources
  2. Allocating Memory and CPU capacity
  3. Resource Pools

Module 11: Monitoring VMware vSphere Performance

  1. Alarms
  2. Monitoring CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Networking Usage and Disk Usage


Module 12: High Availability,DRS and Data Protection

  1. Setup of a VMware High Availability
  2. Implementing VMware Fault Tolerance
  3. Exploring VMware DRS
  4. Backup and recovery of virtual machines using VMware Data Recovery


Module 13: Installing ESX/ESXI on Bare Metal (Optional)

  1. Installation of ESX/ESXi on Bare Metal


    • Lab exercises are interspersed throughout the course.