Our Career Development Process

True career development is a process that moves from self-awareness to career management. It involves knowing yourself (skills, interests, work values, personality), gathering information (about prospective careers and employers, goal integration, job search strategies and job management development. Identifying and translating this information is the key to personal fulfillment and career success.


Starts with personal, inner exploration to help you understand key factors that will keep you connected to your work in a meaningful way. By integrating your personality, skills, values, and interests you will be in a better position to create a work-life that will allow you to express yourself fully. Work needs to fit your personality and knowing yourself is the first step in this process.

Industry Research

Effective career planning requires occupational information about the current job market, specific career opportunities and industry trends. Through print materials and Internet sources, you can expand your knowledge about job titles, job functions, and the realities of various career options

Goal Clarification

Integrates self-information with current job market information.  It is here that you identify and focus on a specific career direction.

Job Search.

Learn how to package and market yourself effectively.  Understand and learn the most effective job search strategies including developing a resume which generates interviews, writing an effective cover letter, networking and interviewing.

Career Management

Understand the politics of organizations and interpersonal relationships in the workplace.  Improve communication skills and work strategies, adopt a flexible approach to managing change.