ADOBE FLASH Online Training Course Content

Module 1: Flash CS6 Jumpstart
Highlights: Creating, Opening, and Saving Flash Files, Flash Workspace, Flash Tools

Module 2: Getting Started with the Drawing Tools
Highlights: Drawing Modes, Drawing Tools, Adding Text and Filters, Working with Colours, Transforming Graphics and Gradients

Module 3: Using Symbols and the Library
Highlights: Creating Symbols, Using Symbols, Modifying Symbol Instances, Duplicating and Swapping Symbols

Module 4: Advanced Tools
Highlights: Working with Gradients, Advanced Drawing, Spraying, and Masking, Deco Tool

Module 5: Creating Basic Animation
Highlights: Frames, Keyframes, and the Timeline Layers, Building Animation with Tweens, Motion Editor

Module 6: Advanced Animation
Highlights: Copying, Pasting, and Saving Animation, Easing Behavior and Animating Masks, Creating Animation with IK Poses

Module 7: Customizing Your Workflow
Highlights: Customizing Workspace Layouts and Preferences, Guides and Alignment

Module 8: Working with Imported Files
Highlights: Importing Still Images, Swapping, Modifying, and Updating Imported Files, Importing Photoshop and Illustrator Files

Module 9: Introducing ActionScript
Highlights: The Code Snippets and Actions Panels, Adding Actions, Functions

Module 10: Creating Navigation Controls
Highlights: Working with Button Symbols, Adding ActionScript

Module 11: Adding Sound to Your Movies
Highlights: Importing and Inserting Sounds in your Movie, Controlling, Editing, Trimming and Looping Sounds, Introducing the SoundMixer

Module 12: Introducing Movie Clips
Highlights: Creating Movie Clips, Controlling Movie Clip Playback, Tweening Movie Clips, Adding Filter Effects to Movie Clips

Module 13: Working with Video
Highlights: Formats and Fundamentals of Flash Videos, Building Controls for Embedded Video, Working with Linked Video, Live Preview, Cue Points, and FLVPlayback

Module 14: Delivering Your Final Movie
Highlights: Publishing to the Web, Publishing for the Desktop with Adobe AIR, Publishing for Mobile Devices